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PSA Corporation operates the world's largest container hub in Singapore. As the"World's Port of Call", PSA provides shippers a choice of 200 shipping lines with connections to 600 ports in 123 countries.

PSA's suite of products form the backbone of its COLLABORATIVE PORT COMMUNITY SOLUTION. This is the world's first nation-wide business to business (B2B) port community solution. It has transformed the industry from a multi-party common platform into a proactive and collaborative port community.

Through a unified set of processes, it creates an environment that optimises resources by synchronising diverse business activities and information.

Proactive & Collaborative Port Community

An overview of our products and services

The global shipping process is a complex one involving intensive interaction and coordination between shippers, truckers, shipping lines and the port. Through a seamless flow of information, PSA's solution simplifies the multi-party coordination and enables cross-community process integration and optimization.

  • Shipper/Consignee sends electronic Shipping Order via CargoD2D™ to Carrier.
  • This Shipping Order is also routed as a Trucking Order to the Haulier via Haulier Community System. Through the Haulier Fleet Optimisation Engine, the optimal truck and driver for the operation requirement is selected. At the same time, information will be sent electronically to PORTNET® as handling instructions for the port.
  • Before containers can be loaded, shipping lines ensure the best connecting vessel and allocate vessel space via EZShip® and ALLIES™.
  • To provide a holistic business view, TRAVIS™, a business reporting and management tool, meets organisational and business intelligence needs with reports on transhipment details, throughput, dwell time, and vessel performance.
  • PORTNET® Mobile allows users to access real time information and interface with the community anytime, anywhere, via any mobile device. Real-time information available includes container status and current container position which can be automatically pushed to the customer's mobile device or provided on demand. This enables more efficient planning of resources and provides better customer service in the handling of cargo.

    Through these solutions, PSA has empowered the entire port community with a suite of innovative services to add value to their ship operations and cargo handling. The Port Community has achieved a quantum leap in cost savings and operational efficiency by up to 50% through the effective use of resources. The overall savings by the industry is projected to be over $100 million over a three year period.

For more information, please contact csc@portnet.com.