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Travis™ Make Better Reports and Better Business Decisions
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- Make better reports and better business decisions


TRAVIS™ Reports Made Simple. Deadlines cannot be missed. This is a given in your industry.

So why scramble for data just when you need it most, right when everybody's looking to you to make that key decision for your company? Or waste precious time sifting through pages and pages of information, sorting the important from the unnecessary?

We can help you meet unique organisational reporting and business intelligence needs with TRAVIS™ - a customisable management-reporting tool.

Throughput Analysis and Vessel Information System (TRAVIS) is a management reporting tool to help the shipping community using PSA. More than just generating reports, TRAVIS is a comprehensive & differentiated business intelligence tool, enabling companies to monitor performance, analyse market trends and make critical business decisions.

Through TRAVIS, shipping lines and agents have quick access to a 2-year detailed database and a 4-year summarised database to easily generate reports on throughput, transhipment details, dwell time, and vessel performance.

Seamlessly integrated with PORTNET®, TRAVIS ensures data integrity and saves users the time and trouble of manually sifting through raw information and re-entering data in order to generate reports.

Make better reports and better business decisions.



  • By analysing throughput information and observing market trends, shipping lines can optimize planning and redirect sales targets, thus helping to achieve higher revenues
  • Manage your cost factors effectively by observing the dwell patterns of their long-staying containers, by analysing connecting vessels, port pairs and container types
  • Saves you time and effort with the convenience of commonly-used and ready-to-download reporting formats at their fingertips
  • Provides customisable reports for more flexibility, enabling it to suit the needs of different organisations
  • Data is kept online for 2 years for reference or trend/performance analysis
  • Easy round-the-clock access via the Internet, giving users prompt and accurate management and statistical information whenever they need it
  • Easily downloaded into software like Microsoft Excel for further analysis (e.g. year-on-year comparisons), graph charting, management reporting or presentations

Key Features

Customisable Reports

Users can create templates for future use, with all reports easily downloadable into spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel

Columns that can be "mixed and matched" in the system include:
  • Consortium Code
  • Container Operator
  • Container Class
  • Container Status
  • Container Type
  • Line Code
  • Port of Discharge
  • Port of Load
  • Service Code
  • Slot Operator
  • Load Vessel/ Voyage
  • Discharge Vessel/ Voyage

Throughput Reports
Throughput Reports provide the operational throughput handled at the port, categorised by:

  • Container operator
  • Slot operator
  • Vessel operator

This allows shipping lines to analyse, report and monitor:
  • Own containers loading on partner or feeder vessels
  • Transhipment throughput for particular port pairs

Transhipment Reports
These reports can be customised to allow the shipping lines to analyse by port pair and container types. Shipping lines would be able to:

  • Analyse transhipment patterns by vessel, voyage
  • Monitor transhipment patterns of particular trade lanes

Dwell Time Reports
These reports can be customised to enable shipping lines to have visibility of the dwell time of the various containers (by container types, 20-foot & 40-foot, laden & empty), providing the time of stay of Transhipment containers at PSA before connecting to the second carrier.

This allows shipping lines to monitor:
  • Performance of connectivity of their containers
  • Number of empty containers in PSA for repositioning planning
  • Ports prone to long-staying containers

Vessel Performance Reports
These reports allow shipping lines to monitor the vessel performance in terms of the vessel's vessel rate, crane intensity and turnaround time.

Comparison Reports
Comparison reports of key business indicators can be generated for analysis (current versus previous year):

  • Year to date
  • Year on Year
  • Month on Month

For more information, please contact csc@portnet.com.