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Empowering Singapore's shipping community through technology
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- Empowering Singapore shipping community through technology


PORTNET<sup>®</sup> Shipping Simplified PORTNET® is the first nation-wide business-to-business (B2B) port community solution that empowers the shipping community to easily manage the complexity of cargo operations and the entire shipping process.

It seamlessly handles all electronic vessel and container data passing through PSA Singapore Terminals, the world's largest transhipment hub. Beyond that, its automated system intelligently consolidates and synchronises the transactions and information from every player in the logistics process for an efficient and reliable supply chain.

PORTNET® processes more than 300 million transactions annually. In a 2007 survey by the World Bank, it was cited as a key success factor in Singapore's ranking as the world's Number 1 Logistics Hub, for its role in simplifying and integrating the complex processes involved in the moving and tracking of cargo worldwide.



  • Streamlines documentation and business processes for the port community
  • A single-view, consolidated platform improves efficiency by eliminating repetitive data entry, processing and transcription errors
  • Simplifies processes through integration with Government and Port Authorities' system as well as Port Users' individual systems
  • Real-time tracking and proactive notification on business exceptions
  • Consolidated and real time information on demand through multiple communication channels such as email and SMS
  • Simple to use system controls individual user access levels for maximum security.

Key Features

Online Ordering of Port Services
Facilitates vessel berthing and container handling
  • Service and Vessels Declaration
  • Berth application
  • Stevedoring services
  • Yard crane handling services
  • Pilots, tugs and waterboat services
  • Reefer monitoring services
  • Labeling / Monitoring / Fumigation services for Dangerous Goods (DG) cargos
  • On-dock depot facilities

Customers' Work Process Modules
Supports seamless flow of information for container shipment and facilitates interaction and synchronisation of activities / information across multiple parties

  • Hauliers' job lists and subcontract functions
  • Government permits applications
  • Electronic Delivery Order (EDO) and delivery processing
  • Container store & release order
  • Support system to system integration

Fulfillment Facilitation
Provides real time and updated information on fulfilment of services for end to end control of the whole supply chain. Empowers sharing and exchanging of information among partners

  • Facilitates efficient and effective discharging/loading of containers upon berthing
  • Guides clearance of trucks at PSA's "Flow-Through Gates"
  • Prevents over-stowage during planning
  • Proactive Exception Management Tool

Track and Trace
Real time tracking and consolidated information on-demand for query and analysis purposes

  • Container status, including arrival and discharge timings
  • Vessel status, including current location, and changes in berthing details
  • Detailed schedules: shipping, berthing, yard crane
  • Ship planning data
  • Reefer containers' temperature
  • Dangerous Goods (DG) services enquiry

Financial Functions
Online billing functions which integrate with customers' in-house systems

  • Financial Electronic Data Interchange (FEDI) of bills
  • Facilitate re-billing processes by shipping lines
  • Online viewing of PORTNET charges


For more information, please contact csc@portnet.com.