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Haulier Community System - The Box Trucks through Us
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Haulier Community System
- The box trucks through us


At least 7 million e-documentations are still being submitted by hauliers annually, that's why Portnet has introduced the Haulier Community System (HCS), which integrates Portnet with the Haulage workflow coherently, automating 70% of their port documentations. This achieves seamless integration and significant productivity improvements.

Designed to help the haulage industry in Singapore manage their businesses and activities more efficiently, HCS deploys technology such as GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) and Web Services to help shippers and truckers better manage trucking orders and their day-to-day trucking operations.

The filing of job orders manually with the hauliers could soon be a thing of the past as job orders can now be sent electronically via HCS. Delivery milestones no longer need to be communicated verbal from the drivers as HCS caters for milestones update on-the-go via mobile devices.

Make HCS your haulage transport solution now, for more effective management and control over your trucking business!



  • Automates the Haulage Workflow from job orders to job fulfillment and tracking of incentive payments to drivers
  • Improves efficiency for port documentation submissions and job deployment to drivers
  • Holistic view of all trucking activities scheduled for each truck in the form of Gantt Charts
  • Instantaneous and round-the-clock access for haulage operations anywhere
  • Enhanced business visibility with timely operational, incentive and re-billing reports

Key Features

Job Order Management
Facilitates capturing of Haulier Job Orders
  • Allows for capturing of Job Orders Online or via electronic means, such as Web Services or EDI
  • Supports auto-creation of Job Orders for NMT, IGH, Transhipment OOG, DDG, UC and Import Urgent Unpacking
  • Interfaces Job Order with real-time data from Portnet
  • Allows for the Management and Tracking of Job Orders

Planning and Deployment
Facilitates the Planning and Deploy of Jobs to Drivers

  • Facilitates the Job Assignment to Drivers
  • Allows for marking of Urgent Jobs, based on Portnet ETB timing or Free Store Expiry, for immediate trucking
  • Allows for the capturing of Driver Incentives Payment

Port Documentations Automation
Facilitates the submission of Port Documentations automatically

  • Automates Delivery Processing
  • Automates Delivery Release(Sublet)
  • Automates Electronic Shipping Note(ESN)
  • Automates Pregate via Mobile Devices
  • Automates Direct Delivery Processing
  • Automates the re-conciliation of PSA bills, such as LOLO & Store Rent, with Haulier Job Orders

Operations Monitoring
Facilitates Jobs Execution Monitoring via a Gantt Chart Interface

  • Provides a graphical interface for a bird-eye's view of all operations jobs
  • Allows for a laundry listing of all outstanding and urgent jobs
  • Configurable Monitoring Parameters

Facilitates the capturing of trucking related information and milestone

  • Provides an interface for the capturing of container numbers, seal numbers and trailer numbers from the drivers
  • Allows for trucking milestone updates via Mobile Devices
  • Use as a means to trigger auto-pregate for drivers and the receipt of pregate acknowledgement on mobile devices


  • Provides Operations Reports to track the fulfillment of Job Orders
  • Provides Driver Incentive Reports to track Driver Incentive Payments
  • Provides for re-Billing Reports to consolidate PSA charges incurred

For more information, please contact csc@portnet.com.