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Managing Transhipment Complexity
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- Managing transhipment complexity


EZShip<sup>®</sup> The World Is Your Office

EZShip® manages the complexity of the transhipment process of shipping lines. It is customised to the operational needs of each customer, and is designed to include the most accepted business practices to ensure higher productivity and lower costs.

By providing a common platform and intelligent data management tools, EZShip improves the accuracy and timeliness of declarations, facilitates tracking and exceptional handling as well as collaboration with the overseas agents, between Main Line Operators and Feeders and between partners.



  • Increases operational efficiency through streamlining of processes and automation
  • Increases productivity through better management of time through exception management
  • Global accessibility with better co-ordination with load and discharge ports
  • Customised reports to help shipping lines make better business decisions

Key Features

Transhipment Manager
Provides a one-stop for transhipment instructions and nomination. Enables focus on the specific shipment with its comprehensive data filter that ties in with the customers' processes. It offers batch feature to expedite processing and minimise data entry.

Rollover Manager
Facilitates efficient and accurate processing of shipment roll-over. Based on business rules to select the ideal containers to roll-over, for example exclude HotBox.

Hotbox Manager
Provides tagging of priority container (for e.g. VIP) to create visibility for all key stakeholders.

Integration Manager
Enables process integration and sharing of data across multiple documents to ensure accuracy and timeliness of documentation.

  • Consolidates information from various sources, which may be available at different timings, according to business rules
  • Facilitates submission of nomination via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to eliminate double data entry
  • Provides up-to-date shipment nomination information for tracking as well as automated update to in-house system

Exception Manager
Facilitates discrepancy reconciliation and error rectification.

Report Manager
Automates timely reporting and sharing of information between various parties (partners, overseas agents and principal) for documentation and monitoring.

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