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- Strengthening alliance collaboration


Allies™ Strengthening Alliance Hubbing6,000. That is the number of man-hours shipping lines in Singapore collectively spend each month consolidating and coordinating slot information exchanges with other alliance members. Imagine the amount of time wasted over manual data exchange. This is why we took the time to create ALLIES™ - a central information repository for shipping lines to share information on a real-time basis.

ALLIES can reduce the amount of time previously spent on manual information exchange by more than 50 per cent. It helps to streamline information exchange on slot forecasting, slot-utilisation reporting and vessel schedules among shipping partners. Information sharing between shipping alliance members has never been easier.

Make ALLIES your alliance partner for more effective collaboration.



  • An integrated alliance workflow by standardising and automating processes to simplify the alliance operations
  • Improves operation efficiency with removal of duplicated data entry and manual effort required for information exchange
  • More timely and accurate information at source to support decision making (for e.g. performance reporting and operation planning)

Key Features

Slot Forecasting
Real time data to achieve better booking forecast accuracy
  • Captures booking forecasts
  • Auto-consolidates booking forecasts
  • Auto-reconciles booking forecasts for monitoring of slots availability

EDI Capability to Interface with In-House System
Reduces duplication in data entry through seamless integration

  • Hassle free integration to shipping lines' in-house systems and standard planning systems (such as POWERSTOW and CASP)

Vessel Berthing Information Exchange
Automates exchange of vessel information among partners to ensure timely and accurate information sharing.

  • Auto-consolidates vessel schedules from multiple partners and sources
  • Auto-reconciles with Port and berthing information
  • Tracks for actual event and milestone updates based on business rules setup and proper data ownerships
  • Direct EDI linkage as a means to interface to shipping lines' in-house systems

For more information, please contact csc@portnet.com.