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TradeNet Integrating Port and Trade Documentation
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- Integrating port and trade documentation


The TradeNet System is a nation-wide Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) System, which allows the various parties from the public and the private sectors to exchange structured trade message and information electronically. TradeNet 4.0 online module in Portnet is a system for trade, freight forwarders, hauliers, air cargo agents and shipping agents to submit electronic trade applications for processing.



  • Auto-derivation of PSA or Port data for more accurate and timely info
  • Hassle-free technical support without the need to further install any hardware or software
  • Improves efficiency through faster permit approval response from Singapore Customs and consolidated data into easy-to-view reports

Key Features

Integration of Port and Trade Documentation
By integrating with customer's in-house systems, they can send their permits to TradeNet on Portnet for permit approval. A generic yet customizable specification will be provided to the shippers for in-house system integration.

Auto Derivation of Port Information
Auto-derives/reuses of relevant Port data to formulate Trade declarations

  • Auto derivation of vessel information
    • Inward Vessel/Voyage
    • Outward Vessel/Voyage
  • Auto derivation of container information
    • Inward BL number
    • Outward BL number
    • Container number linked to BL
    • Container number only

For more information, please contact csc@portnet.com.